Have You Read Any Tomas Tranströmer?

Do you believe his 'condensed translucent images' give us 'fresh access to reality'?

The 80 year old Swede is our new Nobel Laureate for Literature, the first poet to win the award since Wislawa Szymborska in 1996, but his appointment has received somewhat mixed reviews from the press.

If, like me, you’ve never read a word of his work, you can listen to Peter Englund, Secretary of the Swedish Academy which awards the Nobel, tell the Guardain’s Richard Lea why Tranströmer was chosen and watch Tranströmer himself being interviewed.

But have you actually read his poems? Do you believe his “condensed translucent images” give us “fresh access to reality”? I’m ordering a best-of from Amazon as I write. Pile in with your opinions…

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