On The Road

No, I’m not ignoring you. It’s nothing to do with that business with the cilice and the rabbit; I thought that was rather sweet, and certainly original.

Dominating the Empire

In fact, sir, the Blonde exploreth, cruising from that veriginous Cisco town glittering with foggy bay and natty gay to the dust-dank tawny depths of that sere, scrubby valley they call Napa. Chapped lips ruby-stained, freckled snout heady with foxy, vinous spice, the Blonde is priming her pen. There’s a whole new vocabulary out here, island-dwellers. Tremble.

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4 Responses to “On The Road”

  1. thefastestmonster says:

    Arh Frisco, one of my preferred haunts… hope you’re having an amazing time Mol, and if you have some spare evening time in the city, 827 Sutter St, the Red Room next to Commodore, does possibly the best Mojito I’ve ever had.

  2. Wess says:

    A very seductive pose. I must confess that I cannot drag my eyes away to anything else in the picture so you could be in Grimsby for all I know.

  3. Stephen Pain says:

    It could be a still from Roger Rabbit Goes El Frisco – minus the ears. :-)

    I like the site and references.

  4. thehitchcockblonde says:

    Thanks kids. Didn’t make it to the Red Room sadly, but I had a great dirty martini at Quince.

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